Hochzeit fotograf aus Wels/linz in oberösterreich

Love is more than just the grand perfect illusion.

It's the little things and moments that make love into something great.

A fleeting glance, a shy laugh, jokes that only you understand, memories of special moments - all of these make you who you are.

Isn't that what we all want to remember?

The person we fell in love with and continue to love.

And it is precisely these memories that I want to capture for you. These little imperfect perfect moments.


Wedding Destiantion Photographer in Europe


Hello - i´m melisa

I cry at almost every wedding - which isn't always helpful when taking photos because then my vision becomes blurry.

And I talk a lot - which, in turn, is helpful when taking photos as it helps ease people's nerves.

Sometimes I could eat "healthy" for weeks just so I can indulge in three slices of cake at weddings - to make sure nothing is left behind - it's obvious, isn't it?

My love lies in capturing the tranquility and intimacy in images - but then I always encourage silly antics for more action and fun during the photo shoot.

Yes, I am sometimes a bit paradoxical, and that's perhaps a good thing - because these little quirks define who we are. And it's exactly these that I love to photograph.

The small imperfect details that make us who we are.

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Romantic Picture during sunset of a wedding couple almost kissing each other in mallorca

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